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About Canyon View Ranch for Dogs

Dogs give us so much love and joy, and we believe they deserve their own spectacular vacation now and then. Welcome to Canyon View Ranch.
Where every dog has its day – EVERY DAY!

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Topanga Dog Boarding Resort pool tucans entrance training center office munchkinland puppy playyard horses house and dog statue

The five-acre Ranch is a “Wonderland of Wagging Tails” where dogs frolic
together all day, romping over ramps, playing hide-and-seek through underground tunnels and tubes,
wading in their own bone-shaped swimming pool or running
behind a cascading waterfall. And all the ball-chasing they can dream of.
As Time Magazine said, “Forget the dog – I want to stay!”

Topanga Dog Boarding

Canyon View Ranch Dog Boarding and Training Facility

Meet the Owners:
Randy Neece and Joe Timko

Joe and Randy with their Family of Dogs

In 1998, Randy and Joe, along with their family of seven Tibetan Terriers, moved to Topanga Canyon to build a new life, and a place called Canyon View Ranch.

Before we came up with the idea for Canyon View Ranch, we searched far and wide to find a place to board our dogs whenever we traveled. Every place we checked out left us racked with guilt at the thought of leaving them there. So we decided to create a place where people could give their dogs a vacation while they went away on one of their own. We were at Disneyland one day, and that’s when it hit us. We would create a Magic Kingdom for canines!

Outdoor Dog Boarding Ranch in the Hills Topanga California

We set out looking for our dream and found it in the countryside of Topanga Canyon, located in the hills above Malibu. At the time it was just a house in the middle of five acres of weeds and sage brush.

Home of Canyon View Dog Boarding Ranch

MunchkinlandBut soon we cleared the grounds, trucked hundreds of trees up the hill, planted an orchid and gardens, and created large parks for the dogs, each with pools, waterfalls, tunnels and tubes – Munchkinland for the little ones and Wonderland for the big ones.

Outdoor Dog Boarding Ranch in the Hills Topanga California

We opened on Thanksgiving weekend in 1998. And now, 15 years later, Canyon View Ranch is the ultimate fantasyland for dogs.

From training to boarding we’re all about giving your dog lots of love and attention, friends to play with, and hours of adventure. We love that they’re all having such a great time here – but to tell you the truth, we don’t know who’s getting more joy out of this – the dogs or us!

Training and Boarding for Dogs in Southern California

What makes Canyon View Ranch so unique is more than the fun
and beauty of the yards, it’s also a team of the best dog professionals and trainers around to help carry out our mission:

To treat all our dog guests as if they were our own.

Here's someone you’ll meet when you first arrive …

KARI HORMANN, Office Supervisor

Kari grew up on a small farm with an array of animals, and has a natural love for them all. She has been involved in 4H, caring for and showing live stock animals as a kid, and has helped out in her grandmother's dog kennel as a kennel attendant and office assistant for four years. She loves interacting with dogs and people, and enjoys getting to know all the families that come to Canyon View Ranch.

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